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Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary

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This unique sanctuary is a safe place where horses with a variety of physical and psychological challenges are able to find rest and balance. The methods used for rehabilitation are based wholly and completely on the attributes of the Holy Spirit that was freely gifted to all of mankind when Jesus was resurrected and seated at the right hand of God the Father. We use the wisdom, healing power, gentleness and patience of the Holy Spirit to not only heal our equine companions, but also to teach of the awesome power that lives in every one of God's children. We use scripture as the foundation, prayer as the framework and the joy in serving the Lord as our motivation!

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Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary is committed to sharing and proving the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through horses with compassionate horsemanship and commitment to loving and healing the least of these. As part of our mission, we also share helpful information about equestrian health and industry with the goal to help reduce equine neglect and abandonment in the community.



Each new addition to Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary has his or her own specific challenges. From depression to physical instability, each horse has a special need that requires a different approach. There is only one power over all the earth that is able to provide for every need, so we base our approach on His teachings. Jesus is unwavering, kind, compassionate and effective in all things so we rely on the fruit of the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things. With over twenty years of horsemanship experience and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are fully embracing the call!


Horsemanship provides boundless opportunity to discuss and illustrate the effectiveness of the precepts and commandments throughout the Bible. For anyone who has worked with horses for any length of time, they will discover that they have changed. They have been humbled and spiritually modified in some way. The ministry piece of Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary uses those examples scripturally to connect the new creation that God wants to make you with the carnal concept of becoming a new creation. The Gospel is for every human being and there is no failure nor sin too great that this would be impossible for you.


True healing is spiritual. We are here to heal horses and people through the tireless and meticulous work of rehabilitation and the boundless learning that flows through sharing the Word of God. 

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