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How We Came to Be

Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary was formally established as such in 2021 by a woman with an unexplainable passion for horses that never quelled from the time that she was old enough to talk. Christa was not born into a horse-savvy family at all but because of the unique obsession, she was blessed with a horse at eight years old. She would never be without one ever again. 

She spent the next 25 years of her life developing in the gift of horsemanship from the Lord through formal and informal training and work inside of the equine industry. At age 26, she rescued her first horse and established a small rescue over the next 5 years.

In 2021, the Lord ordered Christa's steps and modified everything for His purpose and His glory. He continues to work in miracles to build perhaps the most unique horse sanctuary in the state of Arizona and we could not be more excited to watch His plan unfold. 

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