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Bring Lacey Home

Meet Little Lacey -- Located at a kill pen in Arkansas, this little girl, not yet two years old, missed her transit to the slaughterhouse by the grace of God and His impeccable timing on June 1st. One of a few horses who had no one claim her, Lacey's advocates sent out an urgent last call for her life... and we saw it. She has a down payment on her that preserves her life and now, I need your help.

Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary is a very small operation, funded nearly entirely by me -- the founder. I am one-woman show for now, but I have a great vision and today is the day to start growing it. Horse slaughter is real and there is a misconception that "only the nasty horses go to slaughter." Lacey is just one of the thousands of examples across this country of horses that are young, beautiful, and so deserving of a good home, but meet their end in a loading chute somewhere across the North or South border to be bled out and sold for meat.

In the three years that I have run Christ Redeemed Equine Sanctuary, five horses have been given a shot at a new life. Starting today, that number will grow until we are giving five horses a day a new lease on life, and we have helped disciple and establish other operations across this country to do the same.

Miss Lacey needs three more installments of $325 to fully "bail" her from the kill pen, and then another $1300 to transport her into my care in Colorado. Her veterinary checkup and expense will range from $250 - $500, and her first month of feed will be about $175.

I have a life-long placement for her to a local ministry once I have her trained and solidified, so this little girl has a bright future in front of her! My goal is to raise $5000 in order to cover all of her initial expenses, and the cost of feed and hoof care while I am training her.

How would you like to be a part of this amazing story that is developing?

She has no idea that we love her. She does not even know that we exist. She has no concept of the saving grace that that has intervened on her behalf. Yet, that changes nothing about the fact that she is dearly loved.

Did you know that our God loves you in the same way? Whether you know about Him or not.

Click below to access our GoFundMe fundraiser specifically for Lacey, or visit our Donation page.

Thank you so very much for being a part of our vision. I appreciate you!


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